Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not able to Connect FTP Server

Another critical issue i face before some days that i was not able to connect to my FTP server. 

First of all i was not able to get any Username and Password promt when i hit FTP server IP in expolrer but i was able to open same from FTP server. I reinstall FTP server, WEB Server IIS all things and restarted the server but same issue.

Then i check from CMD and i was able to connect to FTP server but was not able to login in FTP server. I was getting Error 543. Again i restarted FTP server and finally iw as able to login from CMD.

But i was not able to open FTP server from Explorer yet. I was able to login from cmd but not from explorer.

I follow below trouble shooting steps to resolve this issue.

1. On Client PC Go to Internet Explorer Options - Advanced Tab 

2. Their you will find tab "Use Passive FTP" just deselect and problem got resolevd.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not able to Join PC in Domain

Before some days i face serious issue with domain member client. I make Windows Server 2008 server as Domain Controller. It was first domain in my environment. I successfully created Domain and also DNS.

I check all things were working fine. No error in DCDIAG command. All test were passes successfully.

DNS resolution was also done properly. After that i try to make my PC member of that domain.

I have windows 7 installed on my PC. But whenever i try to join my PC in DOmain i get error Domain controller not contactable. 

All things were proper but then also not able to join in domain.

After lot of try i saw their is Antivirus on server named Office Trend Micro and ports which is required for client Domain connection were blocked. This was the reason why i was not able to join my PC in Domain.

I just simply right click on Antivirus from Task bar and Unload the same and then i was successful in joining my PC in Domain.

If you sure you Domain and DNS is working fine and then also you are not able to join PC in Domain than first thing you need to check any third party Antivirus Software is their or not.